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Happy Woman

I support women, whether you are looking to change your relationship with alcohol, find yourself again or if you are overwhelmed and would like to find some balance. I will hold a safe space for you to gain clarity around your dreams and goals and live a life you love.

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Happy Mummy

Are you a mummy looking to find yourself again? Do you forget about yourself while looking after your family? We often forget about our own needs.

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Happy alcohol freedom

I am passionate in supporting women in their journeys; be it to alcohol freedom or simply wanting to cut back. We can look at your mindset around alcohol and drinking patterns and discover what would work better for you.

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What is coaching?

As your coach, I create a safe space and open up awareness through considerate and careful questioning to allow you to explore your own thoughts and ideas. I may use some tools and techniques but I do not give you solutions. I believe you hold the key to your own answers and in finding your own answers you will be more likely to take authentic steps forward.

You may come to me with a goal in mind or simply wish to explore where you are in life and look to seek some new direction. With fresh insight and someone holding space for you, you can discover your strengths, values and options.

I can help you discover and move towards goals effectively, empowering you to achieve your own unique, authentic version of success with clarity, direction and purpose. The sessions are led by you.

Coaching can be a great stress reliever. Just talking with someone allowing you the space without interruption can really help identify what it is you want. We can uncover unhelpful thought patterns and look at reframing these in a helpful way.

Coaching can help you unlock the reasons behind certain behaviour and help you gain insights in to the best way forward. Coaching concentrates on the notion of flourishing. Where sometimes it can be helpful to look at the root cause of behaviour, we don’t deep dive back, unless necessary. Instead we look at ways forward to get you feeling better. Every session is tailored around your own individual needs and client led. We can look at how best to use the sessions together, where it is you are and where it is you would like to be. We can take steps to create the outcome of your dreams and you can indeed plan out the life you desire.

Nothing is more exciting than self-discovery. Sometimes people need to be given the space and place to explore.

I can help you move towards important goals quickly and effectively.

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Why work with me?

I will hold a safe space to allow you to explore what it is you want and look at how you can move forward to get results. Whether you like to take small steps or deep dive in to the direction you want to move towards, I can help to create awareness and give you a new perspective on your own life. We can look at mindset and old behaviours that may be holding you back and together we can crush any limiting beliefs.

It is important to build self care in to your day and into your life. We can look at what caring for yourself looks like for you and build this in to your daily life with consistency. Whether its meditation or journalling, or that new hobby you have been putting off. You can create your own happiness around the values and beliefs you truly hold dear.

It certainly is not selfish to want to fulfil your own desires, passions, dreams and goals. As Women we often put others needs before our own. Having some 1-2-1 coaching – will be time and space dedicated for yourself only.

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We can look at self care essentials, together we can explore your

  • Nutrition
  • Movement
  • Sleep patterns
  • Rest / ‘you’ time
  • Time in nature
  • Relationships and connection
  • Alcohol Consumption

How much of these are you getting? Could you make any more room for these areas in your life? Which are you lacking and why? Are you having too much of something which you know is doing you no good? Like alcohol, We can look at the reasons for overindulging or self sabotage.

My commitment to you

Others describe me as sensitive and caring. I believe in positivity and always having hope and my ‘can do’ attitude has helped me go through my life whist facing many challenges. I believe you get out what you put in and later in life have realised the importance of setting goals and having something to work towards.

Do you know you can do more? Want more? Have more to offer but don’t quite know where to start? Let’s create some small manageable steps or let’s take the bull by the horn and turn words in to action! We can work on consistency. Look at what is not working in your life right now or holding you back from your dreams. We can look at strategies.

Identify and overcome what’s holding you back. Deal with anxiety and uncertainty.

Perhaps you are not sure of your next goals or lack the confidence to go after them.

In our 1-2-1 sessions, I will give you my undivided attention as an experienced, qualified coach. You will be the most important person in the room and will have the freedom to express yourself. You’ll get personalised guidance and support around your needs, goals, and self-development. I will help you take proactive steps towards the life you want to live.

I empathise with how you are feeling. I will be your confidante, accountability partner, and cheerleader. I will always be honest with you, you will get out what you put in.

I am not here to give you the answers, I believe you hold the key to your own answers and the best way forward for you. I provide you with the opportunity and safe space to analyse what that is.

Identify goals, make a plan, take action, and navigate challenges. Start building a life you love.

I believe you have to go through it to grow through it.
I can keep you accountable and I can help you flourish.

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