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Happy Woman

I support women, whether its changing your relationship with alcohol, looking to find yourself again, or if you are overwhelmed and would like to find some balance. I will hold a safe space for you to gain clarity around your dreams and goals and live a life you love.

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Happy Mummy

Are you a mummy looking to find yourself again? Are you trying to hold it all together for your family and forgetting about yourself. Our needs are often forgotten about. But why should they be?

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Happy alcohol freedom

I am passionate in supporting women in their journeys be it to alcohol freedom or simply wanting to cut back. We can look at your mindset around alcohol and drinking patterns and discover what would work better for you.

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Realise your strengths, values & options

Hi, I’m Angela and I am an accredited coach. I hold a Diploma in Positive Coaching from the ICF accredited Arete Way.

I understand first hand all the struggles and challenges women face in this day and age. From juggling motherhood and a working balance, feeling pressure to maintain a certain level of fitness and perhaps there is also an element of  mummy guilt thrown in amongst all this to. Perhaps keeping up with mummy wine culture no longer serves you and and you are questioning whether this is it? Whether there is more?

It’s not uncommon to get stuck, especially with all the daily commitments, it can cloud our way and can be hard to know which way to move forward or even how to move forward and our dreams sometimes feel so far from reality.

I support women, whether you are a mummy looking to find yourself again, are feeling overwhelmed in the work place and would like to find some balance or maybe are looking to change your relationship with alcohol as you feel it is holding you back.

I will help you gain clarity around what you truly want and help you take action. 

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